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Welcome to the Welsh Language in Health Champions Project funded by the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol.

The aim of this project was to establish Welsh language champions among nursing students of the School of Healthcare Sciences, Bangor University, in order to raise the profile and impact of issues relating to the Welsh language within health services across Wales.  Six champions were nominated amongst the students, and offered a bespoke training programme which:

  • Provided peer support to improve students' experience and to reduce attrition
  • Expand the students' networks and their influence on the use of the Welsh language within nursing and health care
  • Establish a role model for nursing as an obvious career choice within the communities in question

In taking part in the project, the students were given the opportunity to develop unique skills and information, including leadership, negotiation, networking and how to influence managers or colleagues when attempting to introduce a change in attitude or practice within a clinical care setting or learning institution. These skills were related to the Bangor Employability Scheme and other frameworks for professional development within the field of nursing. A few have now volunteered to be peer guides in the School, and are willing to provide assistance in open days and during Welcome Week.

The project was proud to receive a Welsh Language in Health Award in 2015 from the Welsh Government.

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